Of Our Stolen Spiritual Heritage, Judaizers, and the Holy Scriptures of the Thracians

Brothers and sisters, Bogarian people – chosen by God,

The spiritual war and battle for the eternal heritage of our forefathers continues with full force. This war hasn’t stopped for thousands of years and goes on even until today. For this is the battle which is lost or won in the first place, and then it is followed by prosperity or slavery in the visible.

Judaizer “Bulgarians” will always persecute the all-Bulgarian deed of Stephen Guide who is of blessed memory and who besides all his benefactions to the Bulgarian people is also a translator and a compiler, together with his brother, of the collections of ancient documents – The Thracian Epistles and The Thracian Chronicles.

Why is there such a Theomachy and hatred against the Faith of our ancestors? Of course, because The Thracian Chronicles and The Thracian Epistles, as authentic documents, completely debunk the myth about the exclusiveness of the Jewish revelation, as well as the delusion that the adoration of Jesus Christ is the work of some kind of Jewish conspiracy. The Holy Scriptures of the Thracian spiritual community reveal that God the Word was invoked, worshiped and adored in Thrace before His incarnation in Palestine. His teaching is not Jewish, nor His mystery practice is Jewish. The story in the Thracian Holy Scriptures presents the creation of the human race in the beginning, the ethnical origin of our (i.e. Thracian/Bulgarian) people, which makes clear that God the Word has His own people (this explains why one of our ethnonyms is slovens – people of the Word (Slovo = Word), and this is the Bulgarian kin and people – the Bogars (Bog = God) who speak the Language of God (also described in the text), the shining ones (in Boharic – trakhu, traki), the ancient kings-shepherds who performed the sacramental actions among the nations.

According to the persecutors of the spiritual self-determination of the Bulgarian people, the texts included in the mentioned collections of ancient documents were the work of  the Guide brothers themselves, who had “stolen” entire passages from the Jewish scriptures of the Bible that “sounded equally” to them. Of course, the point of view of such “clerics” is that if there is any spirituality and civilization or Divine revelation, they all begin and end with the Jews, for their own benefit (and that of their proselytes) and usage. And since they presume (and do an intentional manipulation imposing the popular version as the only obliging truth) that Palestinian writers were the first in “merits”, then, according to them, the collections of Sacred documents – The Thracian Chronicles and The Thracian Epistles – borrowed from them.

But . . . in fact, it is the contrary – the Truth is just the opposite. The translators and compilers of The Thracian Epistles and The Thracian Chronicles intentionally and deliberately translated certain passages to sound analogical to the modern biblical translation in order to show the spiritual and cultural exchange in antiquity, as well as the existence of earlier sources used in the prophetic tradition of the initiatory societies of secret seers and oracles (oracle means mouth (of the Deity) – in Thracian). Long before the slanders and invectives against the spiritual literature heritage of the Thracians, we, the team from the Institute of T-Science, and especially the Department of Integral Theology, sought satisfactory answers to questions concerning the apparent contradictions in the texts, and a significant part of the answers have already been published at various websites. You can read them here: Frequently Asked Questions about The Thracian Chronicles.

Every unprejudiced reader will understand our motives for bringing the mentioned analogies and coincidences so close, namely to highlight, to show clearly – through the closest possible sounding – that we talk about sources more ancient than the scriptures of the Bible we know, about a much more ancient prophetic tradition revealing that there is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity, but the primary Christianity – long before the incarnation of God the Word – is the initial and original religion of humanity and the Faith of our ancestors. The prophets of the Old Testament prophesied through the Spirit of Christ (as St. Paul the Apostle testified), the same God who had been worshiped from the beginning in Thrace before He became Man. This disproves the commonly accepted delusion that the Teaching of Christ is a sect of Judaism.

Besides, we should not mislead ourselves into believing that the things which are more widely spread and commonly known are more trustworthy or original – just the opposite. Those documents which are more ancient are rarer – this is logical due to the greater distance in time, because their storage media were less widespread (due to the small population) and vulnerable to destruction by time or enemies, as well as by successors (aiming to hide the borrowing after they had used them – by rewriting or borrowing from them)… Those written sources which are later are more widespread due to the population (and hence the follower) growth and depending on other subjective factors or chauvinisms of the peoples who usurp the right to be the only people of God… But that does not make them original – just the opposite. Such an example of the recent past are the works of the Old Bulgarian Literary School (destroyed by the enslavers) which we find in the much later copies of the much younger Russian literature…

A great number of authoritative researchers expressed their opinion on the texts of the Old Testament Scriptures of the Bible long ago, and according to them, the Pentateuch of Moses, included in the biblical canon, was written not by one author but by several different persons, which is applied also to the rest of the prophetic books, and especially to the books and the chronicles of the Jewish kings. According to others, there is direct plagiarism in the Jewish scriptures (or at least borrowing) from ancient texts from Sumer and Egypt or other more ancient cultures in Palestine. There is also a widely spread opinion in scientific circles that at the time when part of the Jews returned from the Babylonian captivity (much later than the Jewish patriarchs and the Kingdom of David) Ezra the Scribe created the religion of the book through readings from it at synagogues – a tradition which was later consolidated by the translation into Greek made by 70 Jewish translators under the rule of Ptolemy, a Macedonian dynast who ruled Egypt during the Late Period, after the campaigns of Alexander the Great…

Until now, however, no one has shown the original texts of the Bible, but only much later copies made by Jewish scribes… Since they believe only to original texts (there are no such texts by any of the ancient authors preserved until now, but only copies, let alone from more ancient time), why then do Judaizers now believe the Old Testament Scriptures of the Bible – their original texts are missing too, aren’t they? Or this is so because the imperial machine, whose servant later was an institution that played the harlot with earthly kings, imposed the commonly accepted view, i.e. the common view became “the only version”…

As for the Palestinian – or as they call it, a Jewish – tradition, there are tons of literature written through the ages by authors who refute its authenticity. Even until now, there has been no scientific (or archaeological) confirmation of the authenticity of the stories of Abraham, Moses, David and many others (let alone numerous other discrepancies), but that does not prevent them from being learnt in the modern Jewish state, by children and adults, as the only authentic history of the Jewish people… Let us remind that after the Age of Enlightenment, until the archaeological discoveries in Palestine in the 20-th century, it was generally thought that all biblical events were myths – that is why among believers there emerged the existentialist movement (its most prominent representative was Kierkegaard); existentialists propose the idea of the real events in the spiritual world, which are not influenced by the currently known – and hence incomplete – scientific “facts” of the physical and sensitive experience.

All these things do not mean that we should neglect the Old Testament Scriptures of the Bible – just the opposite; they should be studied in depth because other spiritual meanings and layers are hidden behind their letter, beyond the “speaking serpent”, hidden behind the mystery Language of the pictographic Thracian Speech as a code to the real semantics in them. These layers are incomprehensible to the literalists because without the spiritual code of the Original Revelation they remain unread, inapplicable (especially today) literally, as they have been understood by fanatics and Pharisees. Just as Greek myths (the same applies also to Egyptian ones) pervertedly reflect real historical events and spiritual messages, so is the opposite – Bible stories subject to semantic translation (like the figurative language of parables and prophetic foretokens) reveal to us another reality which is always present… Likewise, the dead and primitive Egyptian religion and magic of Egyptologists and their sects (in the way it is understood and propagandized by them) is a wrong reading of ancient wisdom. For similar reasons driving today’s “monopolists” of Sacred Knowledge, Corpus Hermeticum has been declared a Christian fake created “later” – in the first centuries AD (there are an increasing number of researchers now who reconsider that position). Today it has been proved and admitted even by archaeologists and Egyptologists that the Egyptian Civilization has a foreign, non-Egyptian origin. That is why the real content of the ancient messages in Egypt can be understood only through an analysis of the more ancient (at least a 1000 years older) hieroglyphic texts on artifacts in Bulgarian lands. On the basis of artifacts studied and read by the Method of Guide and exhibited at Bulgarian museums and private collections, it has become clear what the direction of exchange of ancient knowledge is. But this is a small part of the thousands of holy signs on tablets and other clay and golden vessels whose replicas were spread across the entire Thracian Diaspora and along the Danube (Ister/Pison) even in antiquity.

Just as the Greek myths make sense only through the Thracian epic (see the book of Navi in The Thracian Chronicles – the story of the Argonautica of Orpheos, the second Orpheus, a descendent of the patriarch Orpheus…), so the hidden messages and symbols in the Old Testament Palestinian Scriptures can acquire deep meaning – different from the superficial reading – through the ancient Thracian mystery practices. The Holy Scriptures, no matter if their authors belonging to one ethnic group or another are announced, have one common source: God of the spirits of the prophets /Revelation of St. John 22:6/. As a revelation from God, they apply beyond the context of a certain time period, and that is why they are also always forthcoming, even when they were fulfilled in the past, particularly in certain events in linear time, just as Ecclesiastes (an author included in the collection entitled the Bible) said: “that which has been is what will be…” /1:9/. It is invaluable to understand the forthcoming fulfilments of prophecies, as long as we have the true semantic translation (by the Method of Guide) of the Pictographic Language in them…
From The Thracian Epistles and The Thracian Chronicles, we can understand more about the Spiritual Territory that our ancestors inhabited – with rivers, valleys and mountains bearing Edenic Proto-names in the Divine Proto-language. Wherever they went in their migrations and colonies, they gave similar names to other rivers and mountains, naming places that they inhabited so that their descendants would remember the portals between worlds – heavenly gates to the Proto-motherland of the Divine Presence. So the tradition of the sacred hymns (called Epodes in ancient Thrace) of prophetic poetry is not limited to chanting about Palestinian desert scenery, because the first Orpheus (not Orfeos of the campaign of the Argonauts) – the Patriarch of the Temple worship – lived millennia before Psalmist David.

There are numerous artifacts that point to Thrace as the cradle of the first civilization, along with DNA analyses which show that Bulgarians today are the physical descendants of the Thracians, from which it is clear that here is our homeland. Unfortunately, despite this, the destruction of Bogaric memory and Faith is the reason why Bulgarians today do not know the sacred history of their people nor its lessons and consequences. So when they first encounter the Sacred texts of their ancestors, they are astonished, and often do not believe because they have inferiority implanted into them by the surrounding social environment, and they are brought up in xenomania through the falsification by foreign lobbies in our scientific history. They believe what their ancient and modern neighbours and enemies say about them, and not what their own ancestors in ancient times and their brethren now say… They consider any reference to our spiritual heritage a hoax or borrowed from a foreign “greatness”, just because their identity is cut off its ancient root.  Like the American missionaries who do not know that they come to preach to the descendants of the disciples of apostles St. Andrew and St. Paul who prophesied in our land, modern Judaizers resent the collection of ancient documents, The Thracian Chronicles. In this collection, it is testified that millennia before the Old Testament of the Jews, and millennia before Moses, the people of God in our lands had entered into a covenant with the Creator of all things visible and invisible, and that practitioners of the mystery religion of the Divinely Revealed Faith have prevailed and also performed signs and wonders …

The Holy Scriptures follow NOT the human interpretation of the events, but what is happening according to the spiritual sight of the wise man and who sees the secret things – the Divine Signs and Judgments among people, understanding God’s Providence, testifying to the invisible battle and victory of the faithful over the powers of darkness … Without Sacred history there is no sacred people but only pagan fables, superstitions and New Age hallucinations … That is what the enemies of the Bogars want for them: to not know their Sacred history, which is the work of God, and the manifestation of God’s judgments – the chronicle of alternating regression from the covenant and subsequent slavery, then the return to righteousness and subsequent rise. Among all the nations God had His elected people, through which He manifested His Will. Such is our ancient clan and nation. Thank God that besides physical copies which can always be denounced as new or ancient forgeries by those to whom they are a hindrance, that what was written in the hearts and the spiritual DNA of a family and a nation cannot be erased because we, the Bogars, are collectively this living book that is eternal and which God himself wrote. The Holy scriptures were recorded on paper, but the Divine revelation that was written in the hearts of men abides from generation to generation, where the restored tradition of sons and daughters of the light is preserved even now…

As for Stephen Guide, in addition to his selfless work and sacrifice of his personal resources and funds, he bore all the attacks as a result of the restoration of this sacred tradition, for which he paid the ultimate price by his martyrdom. Because the indication of the authentic documents in the collections themselves is clearly not enough, and after I reflect that even if I showed the ancient texts to the public they will denounce them as Vatican or Coptic forgeries anyway (the way the St. Gospels today are declared rewritten and censored by the church), I prefer, in memory of my brother, that the collections remain in the minds of unbelievers “his work”. Let them remain so – as his work…

As for me, I am starting to like (humanly speaking) being announced the author of sacred texts. So from now on I will try to not publish the documentary sources from which I take information so that the content will not be plagiarized by writers who would otherwise spit in the fountain from which they drink … I will limit myself to only commenting about the contents of such documents. Moses also did not cite the sources from which he derived information about Genesis and did not deem it theft, as far as he consecrated the One eternal Author – God, the Creator of all things and Father of all nations on earth. And so I will be honored as the author of the spiritual messages to the Bulgarian people … I thank God that He freed me from the burden to prove one’s authenticity. To me the message itself and its fruit are more important. Thanks!!!




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